Alex shipyard inauguration

President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi inaugurated on Saturday 30-05-2015 development works at Alexandria Shipyard Company.

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Alexshipyard launched two Barge on 15/11/2016 with Length of 70 meter for National Nile river transportation company

adm \ Jean-Christophe Director of Africa and the Middle East,in the General Authority for arming in the French Ministry of Defense  and High-level delegation visit Alexandria Shipyard Company on Tuesday 09/27/2016


Mr. / Julio Herve, chairman of the French DCNS group is accompanied by a high level delegation of the DCN Group Visit Alexandria Shipyard on on Sunday, 25/09/2016


President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi inaugurated on Saturday 30-05-2015 development works at Alexandria Shipyard Company.

Alexandria shipyard has participated in Seatrade Middle East Maritime 28-30 October 2014


CinC. Osama Elgendy Navy Commander-in-Chief Follow up Business Development in The Company on 27/10/2013

 AlexShipyard Lunched the Biggest Gantry Crane in Africa and Middle East with Lifting Capability 300 Ton on 19/11/2012

 ASY successfully Finish the Training of Project Management Workshop to 15 of Company Engineers

 Alexshipyard launched the Fifty tons Marine TUG boat (25 January) for the Red Sea Ports Authority on 29/4/2013

 Alexshipyard launched one Barge for river transportation (Watania 310) on 29/4/2013.

 Information System General Department Was Opened after development in Alexshipyard on 19/11/2012

 ASY initiates the 3 years upgrade program, to be capable to design, build and prepare the commercial vessels up to 57.000 tons with the total of 50.000 tons of annual steel production.

 Alexshipyard Launched Two Barges for river transportation (Watania 308-Watania 309 ) on 08/08/2012.

 Alexshipyard Launched the Fifty tons Marine TUG boat (TRACTOR SALAH ELTOBGY) for the Red Sea Ports Authority on 26/4/2012

 Alexshipyard Launched the eleventh and twelfth Barges for river transportation (Watania 311-Watania 312 ) on 26/4/2012.

 Alexandria shipyard has been granted the approval for welding according to Germanischer Lloyd Rules on 20/7/2011

 Field Marshal, Tantawi launched the RORO Ship “Al Hurreya 3” at Alexandria Shipyard after transferring to the ministry of Defense

 The shipyard had ISO Certified for Production ISO 9001:2008

the Occupational Health and Safety

OHSAS 18001:2007 and the Environmental

Management System ISO 14001:2004




Alex shipyard Info

Alexandria Shipyard is considered one of great castles of heavy industries and it has the pioneering industry of shipbuilding and repairing in Egypt and the Middle East. It was created in 1960.




launching the RORO Ship

“Al Hurreya 3”

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Profile Of Alexandria Shipyard

Alex shipyard located inside the free zone of the western port of Alexandria in the heart of liner destined to and from the Far East, it is located in the southern Mediterranean port in the western port of Alexandria, the area about 400,000 square meters and the total length of approximately 1,200 meters yards, in a position to provide services to all ships entering the port of Alexandria and it is considered a free zone.       



    Alexandria Shipyard is located in the north of Egypt and on the south bank of Mediterranean.

    The Shipyard has a long history, and some facilities such as small dock have a nearly 100 year history. It was altered and expanded with the aid of former Soviet Union in 1960, and it is the largest shipbuilding and ship-repairing enterprise in Egypt.

    The shipyard covers about 40 hectares, with the coastline being about 1,200m long and the staff number being about 2,200 persons

    the shipyard be able to undertake the building mission of 57,000DWT bulk cargo carrier.



    Activating the movement of foreign trade And the development of feeder industries for shipbuilding and repair .

    Support the Egyptian Navigation Navy Companies












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