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Alexandria Shipyard is considered one of great castles of heavy industries and it has the pioneering industry of shipbuilding and repairing in Egypt and the Middle East. It was created in 1960.




Fiber Workshop

fiber workshop



Establish a Workshop pioneer in fast FRP boat building



Supply the Armaments Authority and others with fast boats for all purposes including the military purpose with high quality and cost effective


Business Philosophy

Focus on Client Satisfaction through introducing high quality product with highly trained craftsmen on the modern equipment and work technology same like the pioneer countries in this field


Why FRP boats?

•Building FRP boats produces one unit with high rigidity structure that shows high maneuvering capability at maximum speed cannot be done by any kind of metal boats.
•High Strength materials used:
1. Kevlar fiber : High Strength, Bullet proof
2. Carbon fiber: High modulus of longitudinal elasticity & high traction resistance.
3. S2 – Glass fiber: Finer & high purity with no defect.
4. Vinyl ester: Elongate fully 5 % before cracking, Tensile strength 11,800 psi (82mpa)
•Easy Maintenance with lower cost.
•Non-corrosive Boats.
•Suitable for military application (Cannot be traced by radar equipments)

Composite construction workshop at ASY


The Workshop have the capability to produce two Hulls at  the same time with length till 22 meters

• Lamination workshops:
1.Hull Lamination .
2.Deck Lamination.
3.Wheel house lamination.
4.Small Moulds Lamination.

All Workshops are equipped with Air conditioning

& Ventilation system, Automatic Fire Alarm & Fire fighting system.


• Vacuum Workshop
• Carpentry Workshop

Equipped with all the modern Machines and Tools.

• Outfitting area:

Hull, Deck & Wheel house joint.

Mechanical, Electrical equipment Installation.

Finishing Work area.

Equipped with overhead cranes capability till 30 ton and all the needed tools

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