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Fiberglass Boats

The project of manufacturing (3) fiberglass boats "MRTB" type for the Coastal Traffic Brigade in the Egyptian Navy.
  • Ship Name : Patrol boat A. Refaat
  • In addition to 2 sister boats have been built and delivered by Alexandria Shipyard
  • These boats have been made from Fiber Glass material, which is known with its light weight, strength and easy repair.
  • This kind of boats has high speed rates, high level maneuverability and can perform various missions inside territorial water.
  • The boat is powered by two main engines with power of 1220 KW for each.
Owner Egyptian Navy
Type Patrol boat
Length Overall 22.5      m
Beam Overall 4.76      m
Draught 0.96      m
Displacement 39      ton
Speed 40-45      knots
Fuel Capacity 4.5      m3
Range(nautical mile) 350      Nautical Miles
Main Engine/Model 2*mtu 12V2000 M84
Power 1220      KW