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Alexandria General Cargo Ships

  • This ship is one of sister ships contain : ship likes (abu-redees,abu-znima,abu-agila,abn-el-walid,el-monofia,alexandria )
  • This ships are capaable of carry huge amount of different kinds of cargo either bulk cargo on holds or sale & container carried on decks
  • the ships crew consists of 23 person
  • the ship is powered by MAN B&W Engine producing power of 6700 HP
Owner ENC
Type General Cargo Ships
Length Overall 132.9      m
Beam Overall 20.5      m
Draught 9.4      m
Displacement 12600      ton
Speed 16.9      Knots
Fuel Capacity 923      m3
Range(nautical mile) 10000      Nautical miles
Main Engine/Model MANB&w5L50 MC
Power 6510      hp
Gross Tonnage 9522      ton
Net Tonnage 6615      ton
Container Capacity 549      TEU
Crew 23      Persons