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Corvetts Gowind

The frigate Gwend is one of the most important marine parts, manufactured from single steel, as a new class of ships capable of ocean fishing, and developed to suit all coastal and marine operations and tasks.
The frigate's mission ranges from combating piracy to maritime control operations. It is used in the deployment of unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned drones. It is estimated to last about three weeks at sea. The crew is 80 personnel and has an integrated anti-ship, aircraft and submarine combat monitoring system.
The Junde frigate is characterized by technical specifications, with a weight of 2500 tons, and there is a copy of up to 3000 tons, length 105 meters, and an estimated top speed of 55 kilometers per hour, and the maximum range of 9000 kilometers per hour, and includes a radar three-dimensional biodegradable, It has a range of 250 kilometers and can monitor a missile with a low radar section of 50 kilometers, enabling it to track 500 targets simultaneously and also acts as a radar control radar to direct anti-aircraft missiles.

Type of barge gowind corvette
buildesr's hull number 10148
classification society b.v
class notation HULL, MACH, CORVETTE AUT, QAS
Length Overall 102      m
breadth 16      m
depth to main deck 8.3      m
Displacement 2400      ton
draft 3.85      m
place of building alexandria shipyard
crew & passengers 80 persons
max speed 25      knots
main engine/model MTU20V800M91L
power 10 mw