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Corvettes Gowind

The Corvette Gowind design is a family of steel monohull corvettes developed since 2006 by Naval Group, formerly known as DCNS, to conduct missions in littoral zones such as anti-submarine warfare (ASW). The Gowind family includes vessels with lengths from 85 m to 102 m and displacement from 1,000 t to 2,500 t.
The Corvette Gowind design can deploy Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) and Underwater Unmanned Vehicles (UUVs). An aft deck has been provided allowing for a 10-ton class helicopter or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) operations.
The platform's weapon system consists of a multi-functional radar and MICA SAM. It is armed with Exocet anti ship missiles. The propulsion system is based on Combined Diesel and Diesel (CODAD) and includes water-jets for improved maneuverability in shallow waters and high-speed performance. There is no funnel (smokestack) on these ships. The radar and other sensors are mounted on a single central mast thus allowing 360-degree view. Naval Group offers two variants of the design: Gowind 1000 and Gowind 2500.

Type of barge gowind corvette
buildesr's hull number 10148
classification society b.v
class notation HULL, MACH, CORVETTE AUT, QAS
Length Overall 102      m
breadth 16      m
depth to main deck 8.3      m
Displacement 2400      ton
draft 3.85      m
place of building alexandria shipyard
crew & passengers 80 persons
max speed 25      knots
main engine/model MTU20V800M91L
power 10 mw