Historical track of the company's production


Alexandia Ship
It was built on 1972/5/29 tonnage 12880 tons


Port Said Ship
It was built in 1975/6/30 tonnage 13740 tons


Ramsis Ship
It was built in 1976/5/31 tonnage 8230 tons


Amon Ship
The building was built on 12/12/78 load of 5230 tons


Ahmos Ship
It was built on 28/12/1979 load 8230 tons


15 May Ship
It was built on 1982/5/22 tonnage 8230 tons


Construction of the jack up rig helen ceciel, which was delivered in January 1983 under the supervision of ABS where it is the only excavator built in Egypt.


Abou Ajila Ship
It was built on 1984/5/22 tonnage 12600 tons


Qena / Damietta
1985/6 load 38500 tons


Ibn Elwalid Ship
Was built in 1988/1/20 load 12600 tons


Quseir / Nuweiba
Was built in 1989/8 The load is 3000 tons


Alexandria Ship
It was built in 1994/5/4 tonnage 6500 tons


sawidi Ship
It was built in 1994/12


Arabia Ship
It was built in 1995/6/29 tonnage 6500 tons


Aida Ship
It was built on 30/6/1997 with a load of 6,500 tons


Ras Sidr Ship
1999/6 load is 5800 tons


Marsa Alam
2000/9 The load is 5800 tons


Elhoria Ship
The construction was carried out on 7/4/2005 and the load is 6000 tons


Elhoria 2 Ship
Construction on 30/6/2007 was a load of 6000 tons


Elhoria 3 Ship
Construction on 26/12/2010 was a load of ______ tons

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Building Facilities

A. building Berths

Alexandria shipyard has two – inclined berths for building large ships:-

  • (Northern berth) is possible to build general cargo vessels up to 20000 (T.D.W) and (tankers & bulk carriers) up to 35000 (TDW) with annual capacity of 60000 (TDW).
  • (Southern berth) is possible to build all types of vessels up to 57000 (TDW) with annual capacity 171000 (TDW).
  • The block assembly area adjacent to N. berth with total area (6800 m2) and the berth itself are served by Gantry crane with capacity 300 Tons.
  • For building small ships (ASY) which is about 35800 (m2) already dismantled the old mechanical slipway with lifting capacity600 tons and replaced it according to its up grading project by new boat lift with a lifting capacity 800 tons, portal cranes 15 tons whole project is planned to be completed with all required facilities by the first half of 2015 year.
berth Length Breadth DWT type Cranes
Northen Berth 180 m 2 m 20000 (T) cargo
35000 (T) Tankers
inclined 90 Tons Portal cranes (qty3)
Southern Berth 220 m 38 m 57000(T) inclined 300 Tons Gantry crane(qty1)
25 tons portal crane (qty 2 )

Fiberglass workshop

The workshop is used for build the fast boats up to 25m length, and we Using the reinforced fiber which gives high strength The workshop is supplied by: Mechanical machines, ores mixer and chemical stores The Workshop have the capability to produce two Hulls at the same time with length till 22 meters

  • Lamination workshops:
    1. Hull Lamination .
    2. Deck Lamination.
    3. Wheel house lamination.
    4. Small Moulds Lamination.
    All Workshops are equipped with Air conditioning & Ventilation system, Automatic Fire Alarm & Fire fighting system.
  • Vacuum Workshop
  • Carpentry Workshop
  • Equipped with all the modern Machines and Tools.