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Repair Sector

The ship repair sector of Alexandria Shipyard Company, affiliated to the Ministry of Defense Industries and Services, is one of the most vital and effective sectors that provide all necessary repairs, maintenance and services to the maritime transport and navigation sector in the Middle East region within Alexandria Port Authority.

Brief Summery

The repair sector undertakes all types of repairs and decompositions for ships, parcels and floating units in all specialties required by all qualified engineers, experts and qualified technical workers at the highest level starting from entering the unit and taking it at the port of Tersana Maritime Company

Public administrations for reform

The company undertakes all the necessary procedures and steps to dock the ship on the company's quay and then enter the dry dock to complete the repair process and provide all the services required for it: (Connecting the electricity / supplying the ship with fresh water, salt for tanks, cooling water / compressed air / Removal and removal of ship debris / service of dock and dry dock cranes / establishment of scaffolds for the crossing of individuals to and from the ship).

The Department of Mechanical / Department of Pipes / Department of Carpentry / Department of Electricity / Department of Paints and Drumming / Department of Scaffolding and Loading Works / Technical Technology Department, drawings and sketches). The execution and delivery of the works efficiently and high quality in full and on time according to the timetable specified for the end of Umrah in order to achieve the satisfaction of all customers and ship owners and for more fruitful cooperation and advice Leave between the parties.

The company executes all administrative work starting from "receiving faxes and e-mails via e-mail to the sector / company for the client's desire to carry out the installation process / repairs (Umrah) of the ship and receiving and issuing the work orders required from the client to the workshops concerned with the sector and facilitating all necessary procedures for the supply and purchase Spare parts, raw materials or any other supplies from the local market and the work data of the works already executed for the unit and the issuance of final invoices and financial claims due from the client after the completion of all work on the ship and even leave the unit company Marine Rsanh God willing ...

Specification of dry docks and pavements in the repair sector

  1. The dry dock of the small (old): The length of the trough is about 158 meters and 18.90 meters width and the depth of the dry dock up to 6.40 meters and serves on the trough (2) winch capacity loading 16 tons and 25 tons.
  2. The large dry dock (the new): The length of the large dry dock about 267 meters and width of 39.60 meters and the depth of the dry dock up to 9.50 meters and serves the large dry dock (2) winch capacity of loading 10 tons and 30 tons.
  3. The company's berths: Alexandria Tersana owns berths of approximately 1200 m long, which can accommodate several units in preparation for the entry of the dry docks to complete the repair process. (Berth 69, berth 70 North, berth 70 west, berth between the two dry docks).