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Training Center

  • The Training Center was established in 1963 in association with the Russians The President of the Republic, Mr. Gamal Abdel Nasser, and the Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources, opened in 1965 in order to provide the Company with specialized technical manpower and supply Egypt, the Middle East and Africa with skilled technical labor.
  • The training center accepts students who have obtained the general preparatory certificate and its equivalents after passing the acceptance and the medical fitness tests
  • The duration of the study is three years after which the student receives a diploma / training center equivalent to the diploma of industrial secondary schools In accordance with the decision of the Minister of Education No. (100) of 1968
  • A total of 49 classes have been graduated so far.
  • The Center contributes to the community service by training the technical workers of different factories and companies according to the available specialties

Conditions for joining the training center

  • The Center accepts students who have a prepatory certificate at minimum according to the technical education coordination.
  • The age of admission is not more than 18 years
  • Pass the capacity tests before the acceptance committee formed by members of the center.
  • Pass the medical fitness tests.

The privileges granted to students of the center

  • The duration of study at the center is three years, after which the student receives an equivalent diploma for the diploma of secondary industrial schools in accordance with the decision of the Minister of Education No. 100 of 1968
  • Practical training in the company workshops
  • The graduates of the Center are given the opportunity to complete the study in the technical and private institutes according to the coordination instructions.
  • Nominating the distinguished to work in the company workshops.
  • The duration of the recruitment period is two years, similar to the vocational school graduates.
  • Providing the necessary health care for students through (Specialist Doctor - Comprehensive Clinic - Health Insurance Hospitals)
  • The ease of obtaining Graduates on a maritime passport
  • The first prizes are awarded for each bonus and promotional gifts at the graduation ceremony
  • Organizing recreational trips and visits to companies and factories working in the same field

The specialties included in the center

  1. The ship hull (heavy stell sheets works)
  2. Mechanical Installations
  3. Gas welding and cutting
  4. Electrical Installations
  5. Metal forming (lathing - fries - workshop machines)
  6. Diesel Engines
  7. Light Sheets Works (out fittings)
  8. Carpentry
  9. Pipe fittings
  10. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
  11. Painting and insulation (decorative)

Study subjects taught at the Center

Training Center
s First grade source s Second grade source s Third grade source
1 Specialization subject Shipbuilding curriculums 1 The assays Shipbuilding curriculums 1 Specialization subject Shipbuilding curriculums
2 Industrial Safety 2 Electrical Engineering (Welding - Electricity) 2 The assays
3 Mechanics 3 Pipe Fittings (Fittings - Diesel) 3 Industrial Safety
4 Electrical engineering 4 Special Drawing (Body) 4 English Language
5 Arabic Language Education 5 Thermal Engineering (Diesel) 5 Quality
6 Industrial drawing * Completed first grade materials Education 6 computer
7 Metal technology 7 Special drawing
8 English languge 8 graduation project
9 computer 9 Innovations
10 Mathematics
11 Religious Education