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Tuges ( Tractor )

The project of the manufacturing (2) tugs (tractors) of 50 tons-bollard pull for the benefit of the Red Sea Port Authority

This project is the third of its kind where Alex Shipyard has already manufactured and delivered several tractor tugs before. This type of tractor tugs is It is a powerful, maneuverabl, and quick harbor and line handing tug with minimal crew, minimal size and very low maintenance making it one of the best vessels suitable for work in the ports. This is the most efficient small ship handling tool in the world today.

  • Ship Name : Salah El-Tobgy Tractor Tug, and its sister ship 25 January
  • This kind of ships is classified as standby and service ship and it is capable of towing other floating vessel
  • The tug is known for its high level maneuverability specially in harbors and restricted areas
  • The Tug operates with a crew consists of 6 persons
  • It is powered by two main engines with 1920 KW of power for each. And is propelled by two Voith Schneider propellers
  • It has extreme fendering for maximum protection all round ,wide sidedecks , and a rounded sheerline
  • It is very adapted to boarding moving ships:pilot and crew transfer,customs,coast guard ,etc
  • Also as general purpose harbor shuttle ,transfer boat,water taxi.
  • Madeto survive rough environments with minimum care and maintenance
  • 6mm thick hull shell with 40*40 mm rubbing strakes
  • 300 mm thick foam filled collar all round
  • 150 mm rubberD-fender on stem
  • huge engine room with easy acess
  • commercially rated engines and konrad strern drive
  • very dry and stable in all weather conditions
  • 360 degrees visibility and overhead glazing
  • Lioyds Register design approval

the same design team that designed Earthrace and Planet solar
The design is LIoyds register approved and the hull can be built under full survey

Boat Series / Model N30
Date of Delivery December 2013
Owner Red Sea Port Authority
Type Tractor Tug
Length Overall 35      m
Beam Overall 11.4      m
Draught 3.07      m
Displacement 633      ton
Speed 12      Knots
Fuel Capacity 80      m3
Main Engine/Model 2*Yanmar6EY26-750RPM
Power 2*1920      KW
Crew 6      Persons