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    Alexandria shipyard has two – inclined berths for building large ships:-

    • (Northern berth) is capable of building general cargo vessels up to 20000 (T.D.W) and tankers & bulk carriers up to 35000 (TDW) with annual capacity of 60000 (TDW).
    • (Southern berth) is possible to build all types of vessels up to 57000 (TDW) with annual capacity 171000 (TDW).
    • The block assembly area adjacent to N. berth with total area (6800 m2) and the berth itself are served by Gantry crane with capacity 300 Tons.
    • For building small ships (ASY) which is about 35800 (m2) already dismantled the old mechanical slipway with lifting capacity600 tons and replaced it according to its up grading project by new boat lift with a lifting capacity 800 tons, portal cranes 15 tons. The whole project was completed with all required facilities by the first half of 2015 year.

  1. Northern berth
  2. berth Length Breadth DWT type Cranes
    Northen Berth 180 m 28 m 20000 (T) cargo
    35000 (T) Tankers
    inclined 300 Tons Gantry crane(qty1)
    25 tons portal crane (qty 2 )

  3. southern berth
  4. berth Length Breadth DWT type Cranes
    Southern Berth 220 m 38 m 57000(T) inclined 90 Tons Portal cranes (qty3)

  5. Workshops
  6. Workshops of the company


  1. Dry Dock
  2. Dry Dock Docking facilities can afford vessels up to 10000 tdw in the small dry dock, and for vessels up to 85000 tdw in the large dry dock

    Dock Length Width Depth Carnage
    small Dry Dock 158.50 M 18.90 M 6.40 M 1x16 tons
    big Dry Dock 267.00 M 39.60 M 9.50 M 1x30 tons+ 1x10 tons

  3. Wharfs
  4. And Total wharfs of about 1200 meters to repair ships up to 57000DWT
    The Northern Wharf is about 457.0m long and used for 57000t bulk cargo ships to berth and the original portal cranes are used on the wharf. The west wharf is about 190m long and used for 20000t ships and Eastern quay is 260m long. Elevation of the quay surface is 2.50m and that of the water area bottom In the front edge is -10.00m.

    Northern Eastern Western
    Length 158.50 M 18.90 M 6.40 M
    Portal Cranes Portal Cranes Portal Cranes
    Cranes 4*30 ton 1*30 ton 1*30 ton

Fiberglass workshop

The workshop is used for building fast boats up to 25m length, and we Use the reinforced fiber which gives high strength The workshop is supplied by: Mechanical machines, ores mixer and chemical stores

The workshop also uses modern types of fiber for the manufacture of cutting-edge speed boats, the first of its kind in the Middle East. The workshop uses bulletproof fiber (Kevlar fiber) and other types such as carbon fiber for reinforcement, which gives high properties of strength and hardness, It is also suitable for military use, as well as high speeds of more than 60 knots (such as rapid pursuit boats). The Workshop have the capability to produce two Hulls at the same time with length till 22 meters

  • Lamination workshops:
    1. Hull Lamination .
    2. Deck Lamination.
    3. Wheel house lamination.
    4. Small Moulds Lamination.
    All Workshops are equipped with Air conditioning & Ventilation system, Automatic Fire Alarm & Fire fighting system.
  • Vacuum Workshop
  • Carpentry Workshop
  • Equipped with all the modern Machines and Tools.