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Alexandria Shipyard is considered one of great castles of heavy industries and it has the pioneering industry of shipbuilding and repairing in Egypt and the Middle East. It was created in 1960.



Alexandria Shipyard Celeprates Launching Gowind

Alexandria Shipyard celebrated the inauguration of a project on manufacturing the first GOWIND warship as part of efforts by the Egyptian Armed Forces to maintain the Naval Forces efficiency.
The celebration was attended by Commander of the Naval Forces Osama Mounir, the French consul in Alexandria, the representative of the French DCNS company and a number of Egyptian and French experts.
The move comes as part of a major project on manufacturing three GOWIND warships.
Located in the northern Egyptian city of Alexandria, Alex shipyard had been established in 1960. It covers about 40 hectares, with the coastline being about 1,200m long.
With some 2,200 staffers, the shipyard is able to undertake the building mission of 57,000 DWT bulk cargo carrier. Alex Shipyard's mission is to activate the movement of foreign trade, the development of feeder industries for shipbuilding and repair and to support the Egyptian navigation companies.







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