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Interactive Map of the company

An interactive map of all the company's various parts, workshops, repair and construction sites. This map illustrates and gives a brief description of the nature of the work done by each sector and facility enhanced with photos.

Paint Coating workshop A mountains

The shop consists of one sand blasting room and two coating rooms, with dimension of each room 42.0m×21.0m, and 13.0m height The workshop is supplied by many systems:

  • Sand Blasting System
  • Steel Grit Recycling System
  • Vacuum recovery system
  • Full Ventilation and Dust Removing System
  • Dehumidification and Air Supply System
  • Paint spraying system
Equipment workshop prep worrkshop

The workshop is 30 m long and 12 m wide with a total area of 683 m 2 with a load of 5 tons.

Machine Workshop yk

Dimensions of the workshop length 42 m and the width of 21 m and the height of 13 m divided into two systems:

  • Surface system
  • Paint system

Equipped with several systems:

  • Sand sand system
  • Recycling system for pellets
  • Moisture and air supply system
  • "Vacuum Recovery" system
  • Ventilation system and complete dust removal
  • Paint spraying system

Block assembling &welding workshop ybank

The workshop consists of three-bay plant buildings, with span 33.0m and 189m length The shop is equipped with:

  • (6) Overhead cranes 50T with 18m height.
  • (8) Overhead cranes 16T with 14m height.
  • (180) sets of various electric welding machines.
Hull workshop hull

The workshop is equipped with:

  • (2) NC Plasma cutting machine.Rail length:~28m, rail width: ~8.2m
  • (1) Planer-Type Multi-Head Cutting Machine.Rail length:~20m, rail width: ~7.5m
  • (6) Electromagnetic Lifting Tool Array 5.5T4 sets are combined used, 3×12m steel plates are evenly distributed
  • (1) Hot work platform
  • (16) overhead cranes
Pipe workshop rednk

The shop consists of one three-bay plant buildings,

  • Two-bay (Pipe Processing Workshop), 84m length and 48m width
  • One-bay (Pipe Washing Workshop), 84m length and 24m width
Oxygen and Carbon dioxideStation yellonk

The Station undertakes the supply of oxygen and carbon dioxide of the workshops and wharfs with 48m length, 10m width.

  • The Oxygen Unit issupplied by (2) liquid oxygen storage tanks 20m3 and 30m3,and maximum quantity of bottle filling for the filling equipment is approx. 480 bottle/day
  • The carbon dioxide Unit is supplied by (2) liquid carbon dioxide storage tanks 20m3, maximum bottle filling for the filling equipment is 150 bottle/day.
Northen berth black

The Northern Wharf is about 180 m long and upgraded to used for 20000 DWT, supplied by (2) Portal cranes (25 ton) and Transformer substation

Southern berth green ligfog bank

The newly berth is 220m length, 38m width for build ships up to 57000 DWT, The berth is equipped with:

  • Gantry crane 300T with 65m height
  • Portal crane 25T
Great dry dock gre bank

The dry dock with a distance of 267 * 39.6 m equipped with (2) winch 16 and 30 tons

Small dry dock green  a fog bank

The dry dock with a distance of 158.5 * 18.9 m with a load of 2 and a load of 18 and 12 tons

Fiber glass workshop green lig fog bank

The workshop is used for build the fast boats up to 25m length, and we Using the reinforced fiber which gives high strength The workshop is supplied by:
- Mechanical machines, ores mixer and chemical stores

Main store green fog bank

The main store dedicated tostore the production components and spare parts, 108m length, 12 width The store equipped:
-(2) overhead cranes 20 ton

Steel Product Preprocessing Workshop greet of a fog bank

The Workshop dedicated toplates processing (blasting – painting) with 30m length, 12m width The workshop is equipped with: - (1) crane 5Ton

Air compression station greog bank

The stationdimension is 62m length, 28m width. The station is equipped with:

  • (1) Overhead cranes 5T.
  • (4) Compressors 190 m3/Min.
  • (1) Compressor 100 m3/Min
Electricity Station greenbank

The building area is (1264 m2), supplied by (2) Main Transformers (11KV / 6KV) , electric power 20 M.V.A

Boiler station greof a fog bank

The station serves the shipyard uses. 24m length, 12m width. The station consists of: Boiler room, Control room, Water treatment room and Natural gas pressure regulator room. The station supplied by (2) boilers –Steam pressure (1 MPa) –Temperature (184˚)

Natural Gas station gre of a fog bank

The Station undertakes the supply of natural gas of shipyard, 12.50m length, 10.50m width The station supplied by:

  • (1) Pressure regulating box 1300m3/h is adopted, for pressure regulation for cutting Machines
  • (1) Pressure regulating box 600m3/h is adopted, for pressure regulation forthe boiler room
  • (1) Additive atomization mixed device
Northern wharf greea fog bank

The Northern Wharf is about 457.0m long and upgraded to used for 57000DWT, supplied by (4) Portal cranes (30 ton) and Transformer substation

Administration building grea fog bank

The building contains the Office of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the financial, administrative, marketing, commercial and computer sectors

Training Center grebank

The training center was established in 1963 in order to provide the company with specialized technical manpower and supply Egypt, the Middle East and Africa with skilled labor