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launch Gowind

The first warship to be built in Egypt was launched during a ceremony on September 6, 2018 in Alexandria. Port-Said named Gowind corvette was constructed in Alexandria Shipyard by the hands and efforts of 2100 Egyptian workers and engineers whom acquired the necessary experience and know how of such type of navy vessels in considerably short time and could produce the corvette up to the required international quality standard of navy ships. The new warship will contribute to increase the Egyptian Navy Power alongside the first ever delivered Gowind corvette, El-Fateh. Port Said, the first ever Egyptian made warship, has identical features and possesses the same performance level of the sea-proven El-Fateh, which was built abroad and delivered last year to the Egyptian Navy. The Gowind corvette, meets the challenges faced by navies in changing war environments and offers a complete, multi-mission combat ship for sovereignty operations, the fight against illicit trafficking, piracy or maritime protection.