Alex shipyard Info

Alexandria Shipyard is considered one of great castles of heavy industries and it has the pioneering industry of shipbuilding and repairing in Egypt and the Middle East. It was created in 1960.



Graving Docks Characteristics:

Docking facilities are afforded for vessels up to 10,000 tdw in the small dock, and for vessels up to 85.000 tdw in the big dock.

Dry Dock (1)
158.50 m
18.90 m
6.40 m
1*16 ton
Dry Dock (2)
267.00 m
39.60 m
9.50 m

1*30 ton + 1*10 ton



The Northern Wharf is about 457.0m long and used for 57000t bulk cargo ships to berth and the original portal cranes are used on the wharf. The west wharf is about 190m long and used for 20000t ships and Eastern quay is 260m long.
Elevation of the quay surface is 2.50m and that of the water area bottom In the front edge is -10.00m.



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