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short breif about the company

Historical brief

  • Mohamed Aly pasha assigned the French Engineer De sirzi to establish a shipbuilding yard at Alexandria it was accomplished on 1831
  • Egyptian navy renaissance started in 1820 when Sultan Mohamed Ali began in the building a strong Egyptian naval fleet.
  • After Nafarin battle in 1827 Mohamed Ali decided to establish a dry dock to build and repair the ships in the current company location with capacity up to 10000 tons and still works well till now.
  • Alexandria shipyard was established in 1962, which is considered a pioneer in the field of shipbuilding and repair.
  • The ownership of the company's transfered to Marine Industries and Services Organization of The Ministry of Defense.
  • The area of ASY is 400,000 m2 and has quays reaches 1200 m long. ASY is considerd a free economic zone

The mission

  • Building and repair of ships with the highest quality and lowest cost.
  • Encourage cooperation between the Egyptian shipyards to unite efforts to cope up with international developments along with improving the efficiency and scale of the Egyptian fleet.
  • Increase the Egyptian industrial capabilities and potentials in shipbuilding and repair.
  • Paying attention to modern technology used in shipbuilding, which leads to increasing the percentage of contribution to foreign trade and reducing the intensity of competition.
  • Raise the efficiency and skill of the company's workpower to comply with the global performance rates.

The Vision

ASY is seeking to hold its position as a pioneer and lead the way at the forefront in the field of shipbuilding and repair in the Mediterranean Sea from its special position which is considered a pivotal center for the shipbuilding and repair industry,

its follow the latest scientific and technological methods through the formation of strategic alliances with global shipyards while improving the level of customers service

Historical timeline of chairmans of the board

  • Rear Admiral / Ahmed Ihsan Madkour

  • Eng / Ahmed Mohamed Efat

  • Rear Admiral / Ahmed Ihsan Madkour

  • Rear Admiral / mohamed abd elhamid hussin

  • Eng / Mohamed Abdelhamid hussien

  • Dr /hassan Elsayed Ahmed

  • Dr / Ahmed Farouk Abdelmonem

  • Rear Admiral/ Tawakal Ahmed Elmagrabi

  • Engineer / Adel Abdelgawad

  • Eng / Ahmed Mohamed Elarag

    Date of Birth
    • 11/2/1943
    • Engineer 1964
    • Head of the Department of Management 1996-2000
    Achievements during the Presidency: :
    • Menoufia ship
    • Mursi Alam ship
    • Ras Sidr ship
    • Nuweiba ship
    • Qena ship
    • el-kasir ship
    Projects that have been working during the presence period
    • Manufacturing all Alexandria pedestrian bridges
    • Manufacturing all Sewage requirements of Alexandria Governorate in the field of plumbing
    • Manufacturing Components of sugar factories
    • Manufacturing Distillery Tower of Nasr Petroleum Company
    • Manufacturing Jantry winery of 365 tons for the power station west of Cairo
  • Rear Admiral/Hussin Mohamed Sennara

    Date of Birth
    • 28/1/1942
    • Senior Leader Group Leader
    • Chief Workshop Leader
    • Chief Navy Engineer
    • m. S. Navy Technical Affairs
    Achievements during the Presidency: :
    • Achieving profitability for the first time in its history and earning the workers 11 months profit per year for the first time
    • Arsenal workers to achieve the highest rate of production "voluntary early retirement"
    • Demonstrating the ability of the men of the arsenal to build large units after losing confidence "Building Freedom 1 and Liberty 2"
    Projects that have been working during the presence period
    • Regulating an administrative arsenal to join the armed forces
    • Rehabilitation of the arsenal for the manufacture of spare parts "engineering sector" has already been manufactured spare parts and production lines for companies "Cement / Petroleum / Sugar / Eastern Tobacco"
    • Repair of the large basin No. 2 and also repair the main destruct of shipbuilding Freedom 1 and Liberty 2 it

  • Rear Admiral/ Ibrahim Gaber Eldosoky

  • Rear Admiral/Soliman Ibrahim Elshahat

    Date of Birth
    • 20/10/1958
    • Head of Maintenance and Ship Repair Division in Naval Forces
    • Deputy General Manager of Alexandria Shipyard
    • General Manager of Alexandria Shipyard
    • chairman of Alexandria Shipyard
    Achievements during the presidency :
    • Establishment and processing of the Viper workshop for manufacturing processes (machines + crew)
    • Completion of the construction project of the El-kalaa Company Barges
    • Repair of the Iraqi basin (Sea of Arabia) and handover in Iraq
    • Development of the company especially the entire construction sector and the development of the size of the company workshops through the Chinese and local contract
    Projects that have been operational during the period of presence
    • Construction of the tractor Salah al-Tobji and delivery to the Red Sea
    • Start the manufacturing of the large dry dock gate
    • Construction and delivery of 4 Snack bridges break fast to the military engineers and start to manufacture 28 additional blades
    • A human resources department was established
    • Developing the system of study and acceptance at the training center of Alexandria Shipyard
    • Construction of three Turkish linters and handing over to them
    • Restructuring the company
    • Development of the company's infrastructure and all networks of the company

  • Rear Admiral/ Magdy Amin Abuklila

  • Rear Admiral/AbdElhamid Hussien Esmat

  • Rear Admiral/ Osama Fathy Hassan

Since its establishment in the sixties of the last century, Alexandria shipyard has proved its ability to meet the challenges and overcome the obstacles starting from choosing the place of construction, selecting and installing the best equipment and devices and the subsequent challenges in preparing the manpower and the necessary cadres of technicians, engineers and managers to operate this new national edifice. The firm vision of the company during that period was (building and repairing the Egyptian national fleet) and concerted efforts turned that vision to reality and Alexandria shipyard became a pioneer in shipbuilding and repair in Egypt and the Arab region as well. Now, 50 years after the establishment of the company and its transition to work under the umbrella of the marine industries & services organisation of the Ministry of Defense, the company is witnessing a new awakening after the end of the ambitious development project aimed at increasing the production capacity of the company to reach 40000 tons of iron annually, all of that urging us not to only focus to maintain the leadership of local and regional production but also to expand to the international market and therefore we seek to cooperate with foreign shipyards and ship owners and maritime agencies around the world to ensure the success and progress to us and to our partners.

                           Rear Admiral / Osama Fathi                            chairman of the board