Alex shipyard Info

Alexandria Shipyard is considered one of great castles of heavy industries and it has the pioneering industry of shipbuilding and repairing in Egypt and the Middle East. It was created in 1960.



Training Activity

  • Alexandria Shipyard has a training center adequately to meet the yard need for skilled workers to carry out specialized work in fourteen different activities covering all the demands of the modern shipbuilding and shiprepairing techniques.

  • The shipbuilding & ship repair personnel at Alexandria Shipyard are well trained and receive refresher training at regular intervals to be capable of producing high quality work and specialized welding training under license of LR such as PLC “Programmable Logic Controller.s

  • Alexandria Shipyard has a central computer systems equipped to meet the yard needs for all applications. For examples Human Resources, Financial Supply Stocks, Commercial, Maintenance, Assets Valuation, programs for privatization, Financial Analysis systems, senior and top management information and decision support system , Where workers have been trained sectors of recipient.

  • Alexandria Shipyard Has a computer aided design center for the engineering drawings.





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