Alex shipyard Info

Alexandria Shipyard is considered one of great castles of heavy industries and it has the pioneering industry of shipbuilding and repairing in Egypt and the Middle East. It was created in 1960.




  • Steel fabrication and assembly work shops.
  • Machine work Shop.
  • Machine tools work shop.
  • Foundry workshop.
  • Blacksmith and forging work shop.
  • Pipe work, coppersmithing and alloy piping workshop.
  • Galvanizing and electroplating workshop.
  • Heat treatment workshop.
  • Electrical workshop.
  • Painting & Insulation work shop.
  • Carpentry workshop.
  • Aluminum fabrication and assembly work shop.
  • GRP boat building workshop.
  • Container repair workshop.
  • Laboratories:
    The shipyard is equipped with its own laboratories for metallurgical and physical testing, spectrographic examination of welds, magnaflux and ultrasonic crack detection.
  • Oxygen and Acytlen generation plants and compressed air.
  • Fleet of trucks and mobile cranes.


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