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Workshop Manufacture and Assembly of Blocks

Workshops for the manufacture and assembly of the body equipped with the latest equipment for cleaning and painting panels and cutting gas and automatic shears in addition to the hydraulic pistons,

  1. Machine tools for cleaning, painting and drying steel sheets up to 11 meters long and 3.00 meters wide
  2. 2 Gas-cutting machine with digital control and can also cut using 1: 10 graphics (Hankook-West Germany)
  3. Semi-automatic gas cutting machine.
  4. Scissors for cutting the 612 steel plates up to 25 mm.
  5. Hydraulic presses for plate forming Ability of:
    • 200 presses - 400 tons horizontal.
    • 400 - 800 tons vertical
  6. Semi-automatic and carbon welding machines and automatic welding machines.
  7. Circular folds (draped drapes):
    • Thickness of 8 mm for the length of the 2 meter roller
    • Thickness of 16 mm for a 6 meter long wall thickness
    • 32 mm thickness for 8m long wire plate
    • Hydraulic rollers for sheet formation of 100 tons and 400 tons of thickness of 42 mm
    • Weighing machines with capacity of 260-400 tons.
    • 60 mm pipe bending machines
    • 40.25-inch pipe cutting and reeling machines